Microsoft Xbox One X 1 TB

Microsoft Xbox One X 1 TB

Slimmer, but even more "mean". 40% more power does not mean a bigger console. The fact is that Xbox one X is the smallest console that Microsoft has ever done. With 6 teraflops, 326GB / s memory bandwidth and advanced custom built integrated circuits, Scorpio Engine is the most powerful gaming processor in the world. Xbox one X uses advanced technology with a liquid-based cooling system and a fan based on a turbocharger to ensure it remains cool. In order to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, Xbox one X uses the Hovis method, a superior digital power supply system which customizes the system power.


Feel the true 4K power - the most powerful game console in the world. With 40% more power than any other console, you can try real 4K playing.


Faster data processing - 8 core processor AMD CPU is set to 2.3 GHz, allowing the user an improved artificial intelligence experience, real details and a better interaction when playing games.


More memory - 12 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory boosts speed and power for playing most demanding games.


Real Details - 6 Teraflop GPU provides 4K environment and characters to become even more realistic than ever, with even more detail and smooth animation.


Faster download time - The graphics of the game are faster and more detailed, with 326GB / s memory bandwidth, thus keeping your moments playing uninterrupted.



  • Xbox One X game console
  • 1TB hard drive (internal)
  • Xbox One X Wireless Controller
  • User manual
  • HDMI cable
  • AC power cable

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